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Hello and welcome to The Golden Bloods. We are a wolf role play site for all level of role players. You do not have to have a wolf quest account to join and if you don't please post a bio on the bio section or pm me, your admin HiddenFaith. Thank you and hope you enjoy the site!
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Hopes Biography

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Hopes Biography

Post  Hope on Mon Jul 18, 2011 7:12 pm

Wolf Name: Hope

Age: 2 months

Rank: Pup

Fur Description:Dark ash, with black underfur that is very smooth over her body, while becoming more bristled around her neck and the top of her paws giving her a poofy appearance in these areas.

Eye color: Golden brown

History: Hope, doesn't remember much about where she came from or who her parents were. Left at a young age in the middle of the woods, she was taken in by a female wolf who had just lost her pups when she found the young pup scared and shaking and nearly starved. It would seem like the small thing had a strong resolve, she didn't know much about hunting or finding food herself but she had always kept a optimistic outlook. Even with as weak as she was, when the female offered to help her Hope as she was soon to be called wagged her tail. It was from then day on that the two stayed together that was for about a month, by that time hope was two months. She remembers her 'mother' as she called the female, get mauled by a bull when she was trying to hunt. Scared she stayed with her for days even after she was gone, but when she realized everything was not alright and strange things were coming for the female she got scared doing her best to 'protect' the 'injured' woman from these other animals. It took her a bit but she soon realized that she was gone so she wandered off on her own once more whimpering. It was then that she came across this pack shortly after she ventured away.

Gender: Female

Personality:Playful and strong willed, Hope is everything her name suggests. She holds the highest hopes in all situations and will try to look at the bright side of things. Though she does have a temper when she is cornered she feels that making friends are your best bey.


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Re: Hopes Biography

Post  Artemis on Wed Jul 20, 2011 3:11 pm

Welcome Hope!!!!! Haha this is a bit late. Very Happy

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Re: Hopes Biography

Post  Me on Wed Jul 20, 2011 4:18 pm

Yush Artemis a bit late... Me too Wink *waves to hope* Hey welcome to the pack! lol!

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Re: Hopes Biography

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