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When Sanctuary's Walls Break

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When Sanctuary's Walls Break

Post  Dark Heart on Tue Jan 28, 2014 8:25 am

(All right, here we go again. >.<)
The world used to be open, one could roam wherever they wanted, and no one had to worry about impending death, Then the Ormr arrived. Creatures of terrifying power, able to raze villages to the ground in minutes, the people could not stand against their mighty power and created a sheltered city underground to live out their days without fear of the Ormr. They called this city Sanctuary and for a century peace was held out, but now the people are becoming restless, political struggle and protest is about, people rebel against what they call an over-obsessive and controlling government, and there are people who think about leaving the city again to face the Ormr. As the government struggles to keep their subjects inside and the rebels grow stronger and plan a full scale rebellion, how will the lives of seemingly small people change the fate of Sanctuary, how can they change the fate of the whole world, can the Ormir, be conquered, or is humanity to live the rest of it's days trapped in the dark of Sanctuary, the once shining refuge of humanity.
(I hope it doesn't sound too stupid.)
Here is the sheet.
Weapon of choice:
The factions are Sanctuary's Government, The Rebels, and The Deserters. The government just wants to preserve the class order and keep Sanctuary as it is, the Rebels want to change Sanctuary to the way they see fit, and the Deserters want to leave the city and find a way to conquer the Ormir.
Also this is a fantasy one so pretty much most any fantasy race is accepted.
Also if you want to be the leader of a faction just let me know! Have fun!
Dark Heart

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Re: When Sanctuary's Walls Break

Post  Dark Heart on Tue Jan 28, 2014 8:38 am

Name: Albreth Feneway
Age: 29
Gender: Male
Race: Elf
Appearance: Has brown hair that falls down to his shoulders and green eyes, He tends to wear brown tunics and boots and green pants.
Faction: Head of The Deserters
Personality: Albreth is quick witted and can usually think his way out of most situations, but when dealing with people is usually blunt and quick to the point, he has a deep love of nature and the people who have joined his cause, even if he doesn't show it all the time.
Weapon of choice: Albreth enters battle using a combination of swords and bows, while equally adept at both he excels at neither.
History: Albreth grew up hearing and reading about the world outside of Sanctuary, the forests and mountains, and how the ancestors of the elves where free to live wherever they wanted to, his goal is to return not just the elves but every species to their prior freedom, and while he will do most anything, he refuses to kill people unnecessarily. His parents where the original leaders of the Deserters, but during a riot caused by the rebels they where killed when he was 18, this left him with a hatred of the rebels, whose lower ranks resort to violence often.
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