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Hello and welcome to The Golden Bloods. We are a wolf role play site for all level of role players. You do not have to have a wolf quest account to join and if you don't please post a bio on the bio section or pm me, your admin HiddenFaith. Thank you and hope you enjoy the site!
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Post  HiddenFaith on Thu Mar 20, 2014 10:52 pm

So I just had an idea for making a useful piece for our site. A roster of positions in the pack. Just a nice little reference because digging through all the bios is annoying. So, submit your character's information right here with this format:


Ranks are-

Head Healer-
Healer Apprentice-
Day Guard-
Night Guard-

My own:

Name: Erebus
Gender: Male
Rank: Alpha

Name: Desiree
Gender: Female
Rank: Alpha

Name: Raffiel
Gender: Male
Rank: Beta

Name: Khora
Gender: Female
Rank: Head Healer

Name: Chevril
Gender: Male
Rank: Pup

Name: Burdock
Gender: Male
Rank: Pup

Name: Zev
Gender: Male
Rank: Pup

Name: Jasmine
Gender: Female
Rank: Pup

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Post  Me on Fri Mar 21, 2014 2:40 am

I kind of like digging up old bios and relearning something you had forgotten about a character, but it does get annoying. I will try to fill these all out.

Name: Holo
Gender: female
Rank: she helps out wherever she can, but is most likely an omega (perhaps one day she will find something she likes to do and become a trainee)

Name: Askuwheteau
Gender: male
Rank: elder, sometimes helps out with misc. tasks

Name: Crescent Blue Moon
Gender: male
Rank: trainee guard  (His father is his mentor, though he is open to the idea of learning from others. Hopes that maybe one day he will acquire a high-ranking position such as beta.)

Name: Moon Shine
Gender: female
Rank: trainee scout?

Name: Ayalilla
Gender: female
Rank: mother, helps pupsit, does misc. tasks occasionally

Name: Aspen
Gender: male
Rank: pup

Name: Lilly
Gender: female
Rank: pup

Name: Ginger
Gender: female
Rank: pup, hopes to become a hunter or guard

Name: Granite
Gender: male
Rank: pup, hopes to become guard or hunter

Name: Rainbow (Bo-Bo)
Gender: male
Rank: Omega? Scout? Hunter? Guard? I'm not sure.

Name: Avo Cado
Gender: male
Rank: elder, plant specialist/healer

Name: Kashtin
Gender: male
Rank: pup, hopes to become a guard

Name: Zephyr
Gender: male
Rank: pup, wants to pursue a rank where he will get to learn about the world (Healer?)

Name: Malheure
Gender: female
Rank: Pupsitter or omega? Being deaf limits your choices.

Name: Arturo
Gender: male
Rank: stranger to pack, perhaps will become a guard of some sort

I'm sorry my characters are so iffy. I never really thought much about it, so I just tried to pick ranks that fit with their personalities and/or talents.

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Pack Roster Empty Re: Pack Roster

Post  ArcticFox on Fri Mar 21, 2014 6:21 am

Name: Windrunner
Gender: Male
Rank: pup, has herbal knowledge, has great eye sight and hearing

Name: Flow
Gender: Female
Rank: ... Great herbal knowledge...?
Other: She is a fox

Name: Angeal
Gender: Male
Rank: Omega? Could take any aggressive role

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