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Star Wars RP

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Star Wars RP

Post  Me on Sat Oct 04, 2014 7:08 pm

For now I don't have a plot or set date or anything, I just kind of wanted to do a Star Wars RP... I started watching the cartoon Clone Wars and it's pretty cool so far. Maybe soon I'll have knowledge that didn't come from a wiki.
If you guys have suggestions for possible plots or anything, please tell us. You guys always have great ideas that in the end are better than any I could come up with. Sorry. If you aren't a Star Wars know-it-all I suggest using Wookieepedia. It saved my life.

Character form for those who don't care to make their own:

Physical description/picture:
Allegiance and rank:

Name- Nilam Ch'vatal
Age- 22 years
Gender- Female
Species- S'kytri
Allegiance- Was turned to the dark side before her padawan training was completed, so Sith.
Rank- Sith Acolyte, soon to become a lord (A temporary master would be nice?)
Appearance- Nilam has teal skin and feathers and flaxen hair that she keeps in a high pony-tail. She is about 6 feet and 7 inches tall and has dark brown eyes.
Personality- Nilam likes to have fun and do as she wishes. She will follow orders if she must, but likes to bend the rules. She was always a very emotionally expressive person, and found the Jedi way to be too constricting. As long as you give her a generous portion of freedom, she is happy. Nilam is a bit vain, and tries to look her best. Sometimes her outfits are rather cumbersome, which is strange for one who values her freedom so much.
Other- A formidable opponent, but not particularly skilled with the force. Much better with a light saber and her wings, which she often uses to escape enemies or just maneuver better with. Has been thinking about getting some kind of armor for her wings thanks to a close encounter with a Jedi's light saber last week.

Name- Zarko Jeddlicka
Age- 45 years
Gender- Male (usually)
Species- Clawdite
Allegiance- Himself? His family?
Rank- Conman, bounty hunter... Anything that pays and isn't totally evil.
Appearance- Zarko has greenish grey skin,  is a bit pudgy after a couple of years doing easy jobs and is about 5 feet and 4 inches tall on average. He can, of course, change himself, but he prefers to stay in his true form whenever possible.
Personality- Zarko is rather clever and often feels like he is the smartest one on his ship. It's likely true. He talks a bit fast, and despite his reputation is actually quite honest. He has worked for some rather shifty figures, but his deals were almost always fair and he tries not to cheat his customers too much. Zarko is kind of lazy and often puts off important things. His crew is about as close and maybe closer than his family, and Zarko is definitely the kind of guy who puts family over himself. So don't mess with his people.
Relationships- He has been known to flirt in order to achieve a goal, but he has a wife as well as three kids, who live on Zolan. They are not aware of what he does, and believe him to be some sort of scrap dealer.
Other- Typically uses blasters as a weapon, as do his crew. They fly your typical cargo ship. It's been slightly modified so that it's more fit for combat, but other than that not much is special about it.

Name- Sothy Kamon
Age- 35-ish years
Gender- Female
Species- Cerean
Allegiance- Jedi, Ashla (light side of the force)
Rank- Jedi Knight
Appearance- Sothy has light brown hair the she keeps in a braid reaching her shoulders, slightly tanned skin, and sea blue eyes. She is somewhere around 6 feet and 2 inches tall if you count her head and wears your typical brown Jedi robes.
Personality- Sothy tries to use logic to guide her actions and closely follows the rules, even when she disagrees with them, though she has been known to make irrational decisions for things she deemed important.  She believes everyone has a place in the world and they should try to do their best with what they are given. Sothy has high standards and strives to do the best she can at anything, often feeling that she could have done better at something even if she successfully completed a task. Sothy sees her disappointment in herself as a weakness and often tries to put on an apathetic mask while around other people, though she often worries a lot about others. She has been known to let her walls down occasionally around people she is close to.
Relationships- Even though she is exempt from the rule of celibacy she does not have a romantic partner. She often says something along the lines of "You can't be thinking of love when there is work to be done." Her old master occasionally visits... Has had a padawan in the past, but they demanded to be transferred to another Jedi after they had been together for a few months. This padawan went to the dark side soon after switching to her new master, who turned out to be a Sith spy. Sothy felt as though she had somehow messed up. This event only added to her self-doubt and conjured up some rumors about Sothy working for the dark side.
Other- Sothy uses a kasha crystal as her light saber core, making the "blade" and orange-yellow color.

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