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Hello and welcome to The Golden Bloods. We are a wolf role play site for all level of role players. You do not have to have a wolf quest account to join and if you don't please post a bio on the bio section or pm me, your admin HiddenFaith. Thank you and hope you enjoy the site!
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Does anyone play Tera Rising? Would anyone like to?

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Does anyone play Tera Rising? Would anyone like to?

Post  Me on Thu Nov 27, 2014 1:16 pm

Does anyone here play a MMO called Tera? My cousin got me playing it but now I feel all alone because he's like level 30 something and I'm still about level 3. XD It's pretty fun. It has a kind of fantasy thing going on and it took me forever to actually decide which race and class I liked best. The character customization is pretty great too. You can make some really derpy characters or one that looks like some sort of super model. And there's another game I've been playing called Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. That's pretty great too, but I think I like Tera better so far. Anyway, it would be really cool if you started playing one or both of those and friended me. But of course do what you want, I don't control you. Sorry if I'm sounding like some sort of advertisement. Good night (or day)~

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