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The Dead Never Die

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The Dead Never Die

Post  Lightning on Thu Aug 18, 2011 7:30 pm

Hey every one this is a story I;'m writing the idea, story line, and characters are all mine and I don't want anyone copying my ideas! So please don't copy unless I give you written permission. I know this isn't a lot but I really wouldn't mind you reading this and giving me your feedback. Thanks! Razz


As I watched him hurt her as she screamed. He was cutting her and hitting her. How I wished it could have been me instead of her. I watched as her screams reached my ears and I cringed waiting for my dear sister’s torture to end. I looked at my friend hoping he could help because he always could but he was tied up. As I watched my sister’s blood pour out of her I heard a scream only to realize it is my own. He looked at me in terror for he knew something was wrong because of my shrieking…I never shriek.

My sister’s blood poured from her wounds and then she was silent and still. I looked at her as tears poured down my face. He couldn’t have taken my sister from me. She didn’t deserve to die; she needed to stay here with her family and friends.

Then he stalked over to me and hit me. I would not give in to him so I forced myself to look up at him my mask in place. He hit me again, but I did nothing as I stared at him as he snickered.

“You’re not going to be as easy as your sister was to crack, are you?” he laughed at me. “You should have run while you could have and left your sister.”

I glared up at him and grit my teeth together and he hit me again. My friend stared at the man in shock. Why? I thought. Why does this always happen to-

I woke up to Jake shaking me and yelling, “Jess wake up! Jessica!”

I looked at him and sobbed into his chest. He held me close to him whispering comforting things in my ear. I felt his hands run through my silky, long black hair. I sobbed harder remembering what had happened to me exactly what happened. While Jake held me I looked down at my arms glancing at all the long scars on my arms.

“Was it the same dream?” Jake whispered in my ear.

“Yes,” my voice cracked, “Only this time there was only one…it was Nathan and he was hurting Camille and I badly.”

“Everything is going to be okay Jess its okay.”

He hugged me close again and kissed my forehead just as one of the consolers walked in and muttered for Jake to hurry up and that it was past curfew. I hugged him and he left leaving me to sit on my bed shaking my butt off in fear of what had happened to Camille and me. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath letting my mind wander going back to what Camille and I did before it happened.

We were running around in Wal-Mart playing hide-and-go-seek with some of our friends. We had always wanted to do it and we finally decided to do it when we got in high school. We were the best at hide-and-go-seek. We would always play it together and we would hide close to each other. We were never it.

It was Jake, Olivia, Blake, Erik, Camille, and I, we were running around Wal-Mart and having a great time and we would never be caught. We had our cell phones, but Camille and I were the only ones smart enough to put ours on silent. It was the best time we had in a long time and Camille and I did that with our friends every weekend for the whole day; we had a blast.

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Re: The Dead Never Die

Post  SIN on Thu Aug 18, 2011 7:33 pm

Oh hohohohoho. I see you've planted this here too! Well done!

Unfortunately, I can't say the same about Lycan. I can't put it up here. Naming and such. Bah. Oh well. Good job!

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Re: The Dead Never Die

Post  Lightning on Thu Aug 18, 2011 7:36 pm

That's SIN> I want to know Good? Bad? Love? Dislike? I have many other parts already written sooooooo tell me what you do and don't like.

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Re: The Dead Never Die

Post  Gaara愛 on Thu Aug 18, 2011 10:12 pm

i think its good only start out like you did then explain how she got there.

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Re: The Dead Never Die

Post  Lightning on Thu Aug 18, 2011 10:17 pm

Thanks Heath. I set up the story like this for a reason though. More things are revealed later in the story.

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Re: The Dead Never Die

Post  HiddenFaith on Thu Aug 18, 2011 11:14 pm

I can't wait for more!

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Re: The Dead Never Die

Post  GoldenBlaze on Fri Aug 19, 2011 1:47 pm

i lubz it Razz and ya sin dont post lycan lol i wanna read more of lycan though and this story

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Re: The Dead Never Die

Post  Lightning on Sat Aug 20, 2011 5:49 pm

Thanks for the support guys here is the next part. This is only part of chapter 1. I repat this is one part of chapter one.

Chapter 1 Part 1

The next day was exhausting I couldn’t get any sleep because of my nightmare so I got my hands on some nail polish and painted my nails black. One of my friends, Aubrey, scolded me for it and said it wasn’t good for me following along with my other friend, Kit; they were both just concerned for me so I didn’t really worry about it. We were in our first hour class, Science, and I glanced over at Jake who was sitting next to Kit.

His eyes traveled to mine and he smiled at me knowing I needed comfort. I faked a smile at him as our teacher Mrs. Bosfish walked in. I glared at her knowing what a terrible teacher she was, she would always change her mind about things and then yell at us. Her tests were very easy too. I stared at her and yelled.

“Good morning, Mrs. Bosfish,” I yelled at her as everyone in the room snickered.

“Good morning, Jess, how are you?” Mrs. Bosfish smiled at me and said.

“I’m terrible like always.”

She walked to her desk and started going through papers. She told us to do some stupid work and I did it and then I took a nap. I had a great time in the rest of my classes and I was sad because Jake was only in three of them. I sighed when the day was over and I headed toward the mess hall waiting to see what they would serve us tonight for dinner.

As I walked into the mess hall the delicious scent of mashed potatoes with gravy and steak reached my nostrils. This was my absolute favorite meal. I walked up in the line and waited for the other people to get their meal as a finger tapped my shoulder. I turned around to see who it was, but I didn’t recognize him. He looked extremely familiar but I couldn’t place my finger on who it was. All I did in return was put on a fake smile as I looked at him.

He nodded at me and said, “Hello, Jessica, I am your new band director my name is Mr. Nolen. I play French horn and I can’t wait to begin teaching with all of you. I have already picked out some pieces for this year and I hope you will all like it…..also Mrs. Petrov asked me to remind you to stop by the clinic…you still need to take your shot for the day.”

I nodded as he walked off. I was trying to avoid taking my shot today…I hated needles or sharp things. I used to not mind getting shots because I knew it would make me feel better, but after what happened with Camille and I any sharp thing that would touch me I would start to freak out.

As I shook my head coming back to reality I looked at the line and decided it was short enough and waited my turn for my food. I stood and waiting as my turn came up. I smiled at the lady that always did breakfast, lunch, and dinner for us. This lady liked me a lot and if there weren’t that many people around she would always give me some extra food of what I liked….she also let me call her by her first name.

“Hello, Niki, how are you doing today?” I asked her and smiled even bigger.

“I am good here is your meal, my dear,” she nodded and smiled at me handing me a plate with steak, extra mashed potatoes, and gravy.

“Thanks Niki.”

After my exchange with Niki I turned and walked to the table where all my friends were at. The only difference was today there was gossip going around the table and little did I know one person could change what happens in this whole place. The littlest gossip could turn into the biggest thing, so now I learned to stay out of it.

When I reached the table everyone was grinning at me like idiots giving me attention that I didn’t want. I sighed and rolled my eyes glaring at them with innocent eyes.

“Whatever you heard me do I probably didn’t do it,” I smirked at them.

“You didn’t do anything you just have that weird look on your face like you did something bad,” Kit smirked and got excited.

I laughed and shook my head sitting down and starring at my plate. I forgot to take my pills and my shots. Not like they will remember for me to take the pills the shots were the only things that were important. That’s just the thing about this “mental hospital” life is hell here. The only good things are the food and the people. I’m not what you would consider a mental person…..just depressed. Watching your sister die and being tortured, what would you expect?

I closed my eyes wanting to get away….to sleep but there was no way that was happening without me getting my shots first. That’s another thing. The people at this mental hospital are obviously so “mental” that we have to take these shots that are suppose to “calm” our nerves. I finally decided to go get my shots and I nodded to everyone, muttered my, “Goodbye,” and left to get my shots.

I skipped to the infirmary and knocked on the door politely waiting for our nurse, Mrs. Dragoni, or as I like to call her Emma; her first name, to open the door for me to come in considering it was past the time we were expected to get our shots, but considering I was one of Emma’s best friend I was allowed to come by whenever I wanted to get my shots. The best thing about the staff here was that most off the staff loved me.

As my mind wondered deep in thought I heard a small click indicating that Emma was allowing me in. As she opened the door I grinned and stepped through quietly looking at her.

“Hey, Em I came to get my shots,” I said smirking.

“Very well Jess, come here,” she smiled and opened her arms out to me.

I hugged her and pulled away putting on my serious façade. She realized I was serious about the shots as she opened a refrigerator; well that’s what I called it, where the nurses kept all the shots. She smiled at me and showed me the bottles and I nodded seeing that all of them had my name on it. Yes, I said them…I have to get three shots a day. That’s great for me. I inhaled waiting for the pain of the needle. That was another thing, I absolutely disliked sharp objects.

While I was thinking about this I felt a prick on my skin and I yelped keeping still. Emma looked at me concerned as I shook my head at her. The next two shots hurt even worse than the first one. I glared at my arm knowing it was going to hurt later.

“Jess, remember to take your pills tonight,” Emma gave me a knowing look.

“Uh-huh sure Em I will,” I lied to her.

“Thank you, Jess.”
I nodded and decided to leave right then as I started to walk toward the door. I nodded a goodbye and trotted out of the room looking for some mischief to cause. I looked around the hall and seeing no one there I went to sneak into the band room. I grinned, thinking about what I could do to frame another kid at this school. That was one of the reasons my friends loved me….I was always looking for mischief. As I stepped into the room the lights flickered only to reveal something shocked which of course didn’t make my day that much better.

So what do you guys think? I know it's boring, but it's a needed chapter.Like it? Dislike it? Tell me what you think!

Here's chapter 1 Part 2 please review. Smile'

Chapter 1 Part 2

Standing right in the middle of the room was Mr. Nolen starring and smirking right at me. I didn’t want to give him the satisfaction of making me uncomfortable so I immediately broke the silence with one of my smart comments.

“Why are you here?” I snapped and sneered, “Isn’t it an off night for you since you are new?”

He stared at me and shook his head laughing, “I have heard what the other teachers have said about you at this school and I figured you would try one of those stupid jokes that make teachers insane.”

I glared at him wondering how he could see right through me. I shook my head and looked at one of the tables in the room and noticed that the table was filled with boxes of music. Music was one of the main things in my life and I loved it so much; it was one of those things that could take my mind off anything bad. I played clarinet and every time I played a fast piece I loved the way my fingers were able to move so fast and what just an instrument and your own breathing could create such a wonderful sound.

I was pretty sure my eyes were about to pop out of their sockets and I looked at Mr. Nolen who was staring at me with a smile playing along his lips. I smiled back and looked back at the music.

“May I?” I asked politely.

He nodded and I stepped over to the music and stared at the three pieces that were lying across the table. One thing I was happy about was that I was first chair which meant I got all the good parts. I looked at the titles quietly….Mazama, Rampage, and Arabian Dances….what interesting pieces. I flipped through the pieces and when I looked at Mazama I’m pretty sure that my jaw, practically, was on the ground.

The notes were so high and I was going to have a great time playing this out. I wanted to play right then and there. I looked at Mr. Nolen and he was smiling at me.

“This year,” he said, “we are going to have concerts so your parents can see how well you are doing in band….I have complete faith that the band can perform these pieces.”

I looked at him and nodded. Jesus, did I love this man. He picked some of the most amazing pieces ever. I smiled and jumped up and down happiness running through my veins. I couldn’t wait for tomorrow to start, so with that final thought I ran to my room to get a much needed sleep.

I looked at Camille as she screamed in pain. Nathan was standing over her watching making sure she suffered. I saw as Nathan pulled out a knife. I closed my eyes as my sister’s screams reached my ears. I looked at Jake desperately. Make it stop, I thought, make it all stop. He just sat there and stared at me. I couldn’t see the emotion in his eyes as he put on his mask that covered his emotions.

Camille screamed again and I snapped my eyes to her. Her wrist was bleeding and I closed my eyes. MAKE IT STOP! Camille screamed louder this time and I opened my eyes watching as blood poured out of Camille’s stomach. I heard her panting and I stared in horror as her eyes got dull and she stopped bleeding.

My eyes snapped open to tears running down my face. This was the worst part of sleeping….I had to watch my sister die over and over. It was torture. I hugged myself tight and sobbed into my arms. Maybe it was a good idea to send me to this mental hospital. I got up and decided to take my pills to calm myself down so I got up and walked to my door. My quivering hang reached toward the doorknob and I turned it slowly. I opened my door and felt for the walls in the pitch black.

I felt the wall and leaned on it making my way to the kitchen. As I walked I thought I heard footsteps so I stopped walking only to realize it was just the pitter-patter from the kitchen sink. I went into the kitchen knowing my way around the place due to me sneaking my medicine back into the cabinet or getting a glass of water. I made my way to the cabinet and grabbed the handle giving it a small pull.

As the cabinet came open I smiled and grabbed one of the containers knowing that it was probably mine. I ran my finger over part of the bottle. Jessica Leink....the bumps on the bottle said. I was so happy that I learned how to understand how blind people understood things. It was in my sophomore year of high school. It would now be my junior but now I have to spend miserable time here.

I started to open the bottle only to be shocked when someone wrapped their hand around my mouth causing me to start screaming only for them to be muffled by this person’s hand. Oh Jesus, help me, I thought. Calm down, a voice in my head that was not my own spoke. From fear or exhaustion I didn’t know, but soon enough I passed out.

What do you think? Good, bad, terrible?

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Re: The Dead Never Die

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