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Angeal and Flow Bio

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Angeal and Flow Bio

Post  ArcticFox on Wed Mar 12, 2014 6:27 am

Name - Angeal
Age - 5
Rank - Ex-Alpha / Outcast
Fur description - An almost solid black coat, except for the locations in his fur where scars are located and a patch of fur around his left eye that is silver and shaped like a cresent moon.
Eye color - Hazel
History - Born into his old pack as an Alpha pup he had been placed at the near top of the social ranks, because of this, few wolves could stand to be around him. Determined to prove that he deserved what had been given to him he had begun training with one of the pack guards to be like them. The first lesson he was introduced to was how to keep his footing, with a slight mix of pain resistance. His trainer would slam into him and if he didnt stay on his feet then he was rewarded with a slash of fangs. After a year of training under the guard of the pack he learned both how to keep his footing and how to dodge a slash of fangs here and there. The next lesson the guard taught him his that the weak and helpless must be protected, or at least helped. To encourage this lesson the guard had taken him into the woods, after some wandering they found a deer, sick and wounded, the guard told Angeal to defend it. While Angeal was inclined to deny this and prefer to kill it for food the guard used his fangs for some convincing. After about a week of training like this, Angeal had finally overpowered his mentor, and was able to toss him over and away from the injured animal. The next lesson he was given was a complete suprise, it was supposed to be a one against one duel but his mentor had made an arrangement with several other wolves to wait for an ambush and join in the fight. At the beginning of the challenge Angeal had been winning, he had sent his mentor of his feet and onto his stomach exposing his soft underbelly, where he simply said game. The mentor smiled and sank his teeth into his right  forepaw and the other wolves then joined in. Angeal lasted only a few minutes before he feel, his back, sides, and legs riddled with the slashes of the other wolves. His mentor later advised him on what to do in uneven fights, and decided it was time for a break from guard training, he sent him to the primary hunter in the pack to have him learn the finer points of hunting. He trained in hunting and occasionally guarding for the next year and a half, becoming larger, faster, and stronger by the month. It was one unfortunate fall day when traveling with some of the pack hunters when they came upon the scent of fox. Angeal had informed the others not to harm the foxes for now, warn them away from the territory first, and if they came back then attack. The others said they agreed but when they got to the fox den it was evident that the agreement had not been properly established. Angeal had been able to throw himself over one of the fox pups, taking several slashes for it, then deliver some of his own, one catching a hunter across his throat. At this the other wolves stopped their attack and went to tend to the injured hunter. Angeal however took the young fox and found a place where he could tend to it to ensure it was treated properly. Later that night when Angeal returned to his den he was strictly punished by his parents and banished from the pack afterwards. Angeal barely made it back to the young fox falling at the entrance of the cove he had hidden her in. The fox, though young had some knowledge in herbs and tending to wounded, because she came out and calmly began trying to mend some of the wounds he had suffered. The next morning when he awoke he had makeshift bandages and covers over the cuts and tears he had suffered. He also spotted in front of him a rabbit, its ear partially torn, and bite marks across its neck. He looked around the clearing for the fox and when he spotted her, motioned for her to join him, and he thanked her. They shared the rabbit, and several other small animals until Angeal was able to walk. This meant a lot to Angeal, the fox could have left him to his demise, but instead brought him back a life. She did this even though his pack had taken away her family, even though they almost got her... No matter what he did he would not be able to repay her, but he would at least care for her and guard her until the day in which he would die, and upon that he was determined. Over the next two and a half years of companionship they had many hardships, including several encounters with other, very hostile, groups. They decided to move south around seven months ago and have slowly been making there way, unknowingly, towards the goldenbloods territory. Every step of the way, Angeal felt he owed this wonderful fox, more and more.
Gender - Male
Personality - Tends to be peaceful, but is defensive over those in need. However, there is a time when his peacefulness disappears and that is if his Flow is threatened.

Name - Flow
Age - 3
Rank - Outcast?
Fur description - Fur is a shiny silver except for a single black patch of fur over her right eye that looks like the sun.
Eye color - Violet
History - The most quiet and timid of her brother and sisters she developed a habit of watching and waiting, observing and learning. She developed a talent for observing something being done, and then replicating it herself. Often spying on her mother who was the primary herbalist in her family she learned a lot about healing wounds, though she never got to personally help others except for herself until around six months of age this was a very useful skill to pick up. She also loved to spy on her father while he was out hunting and learn some of his methods for catching rabbits. This gave her an advantage over her siblings when their dad gave them a challenge of seeing who could bring back a rabbit first, however, since she never played with her siblings and practiced fighting when she had her oportune moment to sink her teeth into the rabbit she didn't have the drive to do so, and instead let it go. One day her mother and father were gathering up the pups to tell them a story about the moon and sun and the beauty in which they both held. To encourage Flow to join her siblings for the story her mother quietly whispered about the love that the sun and the moon shared, and why they chase each other around the earth, not out of what others might see as anger, but out of the want to be with each other. Interested in what her mother had said Flow crept out of her shadows and to the side of her siblings, she felt that the story was meant for her. Her parents then began the story, and it was the most wonderful thing she had heard, however, she never did get to hear the end. Wolves had jumped out of the bushes and attacked her family, someone threw themself over her protecting her from the wolves. When all the commotion had finally setteled down she got to see who had saved her, looking up into the hazel eyes of a wolf, a cresent moon over his left eye. He had quickly picked her up by the scruff and troted off with her away from the other wolves, beyond the territory she knew and thought safe. When the wolf finally set her down he cleaned her fur, just as mother had many times before. The wolf then said something and left, but she was still in a daze and did not understand him, she only saw glimpses of her family, the wolf had ensured she saw as little as possible, and she somehow already knew it was for the best. She curled up into a ball to nap awaiting his return, if he would return. She awoke when she heard a thud outside of her little hole, she went out and saw the wolf sitting before her, injured, worse than anything she had seen before. She knew a little on how to deal with bleeding and quickly scrambled to gather some cobwebs, along the way she found a herb she remembered her mother using to reduce pain and broght them both back to the wolf, she had him eat the herbs and she quickly began tending to the bite and scratch marks through his fur. She noticed him pass out and almost began to panic, she had never seen anyone do that and was wondering if she was doing this all wrong, rather she missed something her mother had done. Checking over her work again and again she continued to try and tend to his wounds. When the moon was high in the sky she had finally finished, haveing exchanged the cobwebs for another patch because the wolf had bleed through the first she went to find something to eat. Annoyed with the taste and thought of blood by now she looked around for something else too eat, but got annoyed in her search and went back to his side to check the cobwebs once more. She had tried to go back to the hole put fell asleep before she got there. When she awoke again she found herself muzzle to muzzle with the wolf. She quickly got up affraid of how the wolf would react and decided that it would be best to find something to eat, something to focus on and also something for the wolf incase he got hungry... She eventually caught a rabbit through her fathers favorite hunting method, and set it down in front of the wolf. She then backed into a bush and hid watching the wolf waiting to see how he would react. (History stop here, rest was explained in Angeal's long history.)
Gender - Female
Personality - Timid but intelligent, she loves observing her surroundings and learning the weaknesses and strength of the things around her just incase she needs to use them. She feels a slight attraction towards Angeal, feeling that he is her moon, the one she is meant for.
Other- She is a fox, she may or may not be a long-term character, but she is currently here to try and promote some RP, so lets do this thing Smile

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Re: Angeal and Flow Bio

Post  Me on Thu Mar 13, 2014 5:45 pm

Hooray for foxes!

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